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more hnnnnnging over cisgirl!Blaine and Cooper…

Ok okkk Cooper’s still a dude and Blaine/Blair has a huuuuuuge rack. And oh all the boys ogle and cat call her in gym class cause when she runs they just bounce around like tigger/pooh bear hybrids. In the showers they all jack off to her, like imagining her phantom form just walking through the steam with soapy boobs and a dark little candy main on her cooch.

Imagine her riding Cooper and sucking on her own nipple at the same time *______* Or shower sex where he has her front pressed up against the glass, squishy squeaky soapy boobs mmmmmmm. Plus he’s show how how nice the fancy shower head works on her clit. Also he’ll wash her curly hair because that’s just a nice thing to do :)

Oh! And a tit wank!! How could I forget Blaine pressing Cooper’s cock between her meat bags, letting him use her and coming under her chin *______*

okay so Emily covered some of that and now all of the rest just makes me want more holy shiiiit Anon

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    tumblring with one hand lol
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    reallly really nsfw visual aid under cut. [[MORE]] corset and tits, yes?
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    But what if it was corsets? she was wearing corsets to make her tits pop out? I mean. A suggestion. i just really like...
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  6. savvymavvy said: UM titty fucks are always required? Y/Y?