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cockslut!Darren crisscolfer au drabble (part 2) 

part 1 | as always, kissies to Emily for making this at all readable.

Pizza had been the absolute best. Chris was as smart and funny as he was sexy, and talking to him was possibly even better than gagging on his cock behind the bar of a club. Darren, being an asshole, had told Chris exactly that and had grinned wickedly at the way Chris’ mouth had fallen open, a little string of mozzarella slapped onto his dimpled chin. Chris still ate like a teenager, and there were gatherings of pizza sauce in the corners of his mouth when he talked. Darren thought he could burst all over the diner floor with how adorable and contradictory the kid was. His seemingly endless knowledge of TV, musicals, books and movies, and yet still so artless and naive about the world he had only started to inhabit as an adult mere months ago.

“You’re just…I dunno, Chris,” Darren waved his hand around. “You blow my mind. You’ve got so much shit going on…acting, writing, screenplays…and you’re a fucking embryo. I’m still performing for tips and doing auditions…”

Chris cut him off, leaning his earnest round, face closer.

“Darren, you have no idea how much something like Starkid is exactly what I wanted to do when I finished high school. That was my plan all along. TV seems amazing and magical, but it’s kinda scary and I don’t ever know what I’m doing. It’s just like, rehearsals ten hours a day and then trying to film it all in two and then try not to say anything stupid during interviews. I still want to have something all my own, with a group of friends like you do. Where I can put my name on something and say ‘I did that, that’s mine’.”

Darren felt himself slipping into a relaxed buzz - half-watching, half-listening to Chris. The kid’s eyes were so bright and intense, his broad plump lips working themselves into a bright pink as he talked. He was so, so pretty. He was also staring at Darren, waiting for an answer.

“Well, shit, dude,” Darren said.  “I mean, if you can handle something like Glee, then you can totally handle staying up all night making props and working on song lyrics in your sleep!” Darren paused to put a piece of pepperoni in his mouth, eyes glazing over as his brain kicked back into gear. Suddenly, his eyes bugged out as something clicked into place and he stopped chewing.

“Hold the fuck up…were you at Comic-Con?! On the Glee panel?”

Chris tried to gasp and giggle at the same time as he took a sip of soda, spluttering and holding his hand daintily up to his mouth.

“Mmmpphh mmhhmmm! Yes! Oh my god, did you guys have a panel there too?”

Darren roared with laughter, nodding. “Holy shit, Colfer.  You know, I think this means we were basically meant to be. We should just accept that now.”

Chris’ cheeks pinked up and he forgot to hide his teeth when he smiled back radiantly.  “I fully accept this theory!”  He responded.

There was a sudden, loaded pause where they just smiled at each other and mused over the same thoughts. There were so many what-ifs and unlikelihoods and chances.  So many missed connections and what-could-have-beens.

However heartfelt his feelings for the kid were, however hard he knew he was falling for him, Darren’s mind returned immediately to how badly he wanted to bite Chris all over.  How he wanted to push past the tight resistance of him.  It was an even more heady a thought now that he knew just how special and rare this beautiful kid was.

He stared Chris down, knowing full well that he was making him squirm.

“Let’s get the fuck out of here, okay?” Darren said, throwing his napkin down on the table.  “Sleep over?” It wasn’t exactly a question.

Chris bit his tender lower lip and blushed to the tips of his ears. He seemed to be trembling a little, but his voice was steady.

“Yes, please.”


“First, we shower!”

Darren produced two towels from the hall cupboard with a flourish, holding one out for Chris and performing a slight bow. Chris just rolled his eyes and sat down on the bed, toeing off his shoes, but otherwise unhurried.

Darren paused, lips quirking. “I hope you’re not expecting me to shower alone, Christopher.”

Chris gulped, dropping his head into his palms. “Do not call me that when asking me to shower with you. My mother calls me Christopher.” He gave a half-serious full-body shudder.

Darren chuckled, slipping his shirt over his head and his hands immediately going to the button of his pants. Chris sat frozen on the bed, eyes fixed on the tan skin and smooth muscle being uncovered in front of him. He watched every moment of it, until Darren tugged his boxers off the end of one foot and was finally, glorious naked. Broad, but thin and furry; solid, heavy ass and hips, and a deep groove in front leading to his semi-hard, rosy cock. Chris knew it was rude and awkward to stare, but he just couldn’t look away.

Darren smiled gently at the kid, who was twisting his towel absent-mindedly in his hands.

“Chriiiiiis,” Darren sing-songed, moving closer slowly so that his cock and balls swayed slightly as he walked. Chris swallowed visibly and tore his gaze away to look up into Darren’s eyes. His tongue was showing again, and Darren felt a flare of heat behind his balls at how close that wet tongue was to his dick. He felt himself pulse, precome beading at the tip.

Darren curled one hand around Chris’ jaw softly. He’d have to take care. No way did he want to make Chris feel cheap. Chris was worth so much more than that.

“C’mon, dude. Naked is good! Naked is great. And I bet you being naked is fantastic,” Darren drawled seductively, grinning lopsidedly as Chris’ pretty flush returned.

Eyes trained forward, Chris hesitantly lifted his arms up. Darren smiled, taking the cue to slip Chris’ shirt up and off. Chris’ chest and shoulders were as milky white as the rest of him, with faint little freckles here and there. His nipples were full and delicious-looking.

Sinking to his knees, Darren began to press firm kisses over Chris’ face and neck to distract him during the potentially awkward business of unbuttoning his fly. Once he’d freed the bulge in Chris’ underwear enough for the kid to rush out a breath of relief, Darren kissed even lower and drew a nipple into his mouth. Chris made a high, astonished noise that Darren instantly wanted to replay, over and over. He sucked even harder, thumb pressing against the hot fleshy head of Chris’ cock poking out of his boxers. When Chris threaded eager fingers through his curls, Darren switched to the other nipple. Chris’ hips were rolling on the edge of the bed, sweet, soft breathing going high and strained as Darren applied his teeth carefully to the little bud in his mouth. Chris’ cock was leaking steadily onto his fingers. He had to slow this thing down. He didn’t want it to end before he was ready, if he was ever ready.

Giving one last wet kiss to the bruised nipple, Darren backed up and started tugging Chris’ jeans and boxers the rest of the way off. “C’mon, sailor, let’s get you all squeaky clean so I can get you absolutely filthy again.”

Darren giggled as he heard Chris mutter sailor behind him sarcastically as they stumbled into the small bathroom.

In an obvious bid for attention, Darren bent over the tub to start the water flowing and up to the right temperature. He knew his ass was his best selling point (besides his cock and mouth), and he thought it only fair to let a sweet virgin see what he’d be getting out of his next sexual experience. He’d shown off the old fella already, albeit only half-hard, and of course Chris already knew what Darren could do with his mouth. Glancing over his shoulder, Darren could tell by the gleam in the eyes and the flush in his cheeks that Chris clearly judged his ass more than adequate.

With the shower switched on and steamy, but not too hot, Darren held open the curtain and made a show of ushering Chris inside. He got a good look at Chris’ pert, downy ass and gave it a smack that made Chris squeak.

Darren figured Chris might be a bit lost at this point, so he took the lead and stepped under the shower head, letting the water rinse club sweat and the smell of pizza from his hair and skin. Beckoning Chris over with one hand, Chris shuffled over nervously on too-big feet (oh christ, he’s still growing) and Darren detached the shower head to drench him head to toe. Very cautiously, he let his free hand stroke and pet at Chris’ arms, back, and hips. He then repeated a similar pattern on himself, before lowering the shower head and turning it two clicks.

Darren looked up at Chris and found him watching intently. He gave him a lopsided grin, and aimed the shower’s spray away from them so he could speak.

“Here’s where you decide what you want, Colfer. Do you want me in you, you in me, or would you rather we both stayed out?”

This was the moment, the moment where Chris would either start to freak and Darren would have to shush him and lead him into the bedroom for another bj and humping himself into the sheets…or Chris could snatch the shower head out of Darren’s hand and twirl it around like a baton, like he just had.

“I’ll take it from here,” Chris said with a sly grin. “Thanks.”

Darren blinked dumbly at the sudden change, but went willingly when Chris nudged his shoulder to get him out of the shower.

Darren’s darkest nature really would have liked to stay and watch. But that would definitely have freaked the kid out. Maybe another time.

Instead, he decided to take a quick pee, sidle back into the bedroom, and get comfy on the bed. He laid there, listening to the sounds of Chris’ body moving around inside the shower, the water being switched off and then the soft shuffling of feet on the floor tiles. Chris emerged from the steamy doorway, pink all over and sweetly uncertain again.

Darren pushed up onto one elbow to better to take in Chris’ long legs, curved hips and strong arms. He began lazily pumping his hardening cock, as Chris demurred and curled himself a little into the doorway.

“Just fair warning? This isn’t gonna last very long,” Darren said, still stroking at his cock. “I mean, it’ll be awesome but probably pretty fast.”

Darren’s honesty caught Chris off-guard and he belted out a sudden peal of laughter, clutching the door frame, his insecurity all but forgotten.

“Oh my god, jerk. Whatever. Like I’m gonna know the difference anyway.”

There was another moment of something shared between them, and Darren sat up on the bed to beckon Chris closer. He just wanted him close, to touch him and feel his warmth.

Chris’ hips swayed sinfully as he approached the bed, firm cock and balls standing proud as he climbed over to lie next to Darren. His big blue eyes told Darren to do as he pleased, and Darren was more than happy to take the reins.

They slipped back into kisses and touches as naturally as if they’d known each other’s bodies for years. Chris’ hands went right for Darren’s ass, weighing the thick cheeks in both his palms as Darren settled over him. Darren attached himself to the side of Chris neck, making love to the fine, soft flesh that yielded just so beneath his lips and teeth. Their cocks had slotted together neatly, making them gasp and moan with the dry push and pull.

Pushing up on his elbows, Darren reached into his bedside drawer and tossed lube and a condom onto the bed. Chris’ eyes watched every movement, from Darren beading out some of the lube onto his fingertips to watching his hand disappear between Chris’ spread thighs. When Darren’s fingertips massaged insistently at his hole, Chris arched his hips up and knew exactly what he wanted. He didn’t feel anxious or afraid or embarrassed anymore. He felt focused on his body and the need settling somewhere deep. Somewhere Darren would be soon.

The stretch was gentle but quick, mainly because Darren was too distracted watching Chris’ flushed face toss and turn beneath him. The way his blush stained his chest right down to his peaked nipples, which Darren greedily took in his mouth. Chris wailed at all the stimulation, free and new and unafraid like a well-tended virgin should be.

“Please, please Darren, ssso good…” Chris began babbling, eyelids drooping low, wet red mouth always open. His smooth cock was curved above his belly and dripping. One hand was kneading Darren’s back muscles rhythmically, while the other hung in the air unsure of what to do. He was completely strung out and just needed to be fucked.

Darren wanted to love him even longer, but he had to wrangle a condom onto himself before things got too out of hand. Once he was sheathed, he couldn’t resist pulling away to nuzzle hungrily at the crease where Chris’ smooth thighs met his groin. Chris gasped and his hands flew to Darren’s head. Darren knew he wouldn’t be able to hold off coming if he rimmed Chris (and also yuck, lube) but internally murmured a silent prayer that Chris would want to do more with him later. Instead, he kissed and sucked bruises around the area, loving the baby soft feel of Chris’ thighs around his ears. He could stay buried into Chris’ sweet, musky scent for days.

But there was an an eager young thing growing more and more restless above him, and Darren wanted to at least get inside him before they both came.

Rising up gracefully, full of power that Chris’ innocence gave him, Darren loomed over Chris’ face and watched his expression as his cock slipped messily against Chris’ lubed hole. Chris’ hips were rolling and lifting, chasing the blunt solid pressure. Everything about Chris in that moment needed to be fucked, filled and taken.

As the fleshy head finally caught and Darren pressed in deep, Chris wrapped his arms above his own head for leverage. He was letting Darren move and push and force as he needed, giving him his full trust.

The moment when Darren had filled Chris as much as he could, he pulled out slightly and pressed back in. Somehow even more of him made it inside. With each slow thrust, each tilt of Chris’ hips, Darren slid impossibly deeper. Soon, he was filling him to the very root on each return, shifting Chris’ body up the bed. Chris reached his hands out for purchase against the headboard, pushing back onto each thrust and not minding his head knocking against his arms now and then.

Chris’ eyes were dark and hooded and his mouth wide open, body growing more and more taut as his pleasure climbed. Darren was sweating, holding a steady pace with his thrusts and waiting for Chris to feel the start of his ecstasy. Darren pushed up onto his knees and dragged calloused fingertips across Chris’ chest, down his sides, and into the smooth notches of his hips.

One sharp pound at the new angle had Chris’ eyes flying open, and then rolling back in his head. A guttural moan was pulled from his throat followed by a shrieking sob as Darren set up a punishing motion that thrust against something deep and new inside Chris. His body arched and contorted to chase that feeling, giving himself over to it completely.

Darren could it feel when Chris opened to him, drawing him in. He wanted to get deeper and deeper inside, his hips snapping so that he never left the heat of Chris’ body.

The room was stifling, thick with their heat and sweat and moans, and Chris felt like he’d slipped into a dream. Like he was no longer that awkward boy who didn’t know what to do with his body, or who worried that everyone was judging him. Ever since meeting Darren, Chris had felt like some sultry object of desire. But also special. Someone who was adored and who captured all of one man’s attention. Now he held that man deep inside his body, and he preened even as he came undone, pulled apart by Darren. He gloried in watching how Darren’s eyes turned predatory when Chris stretched his long legs out to the side, deepening the pounding that bit more.

Darren latched his hands onto the insides of Chris’ thighs, pawing at the soft skin. He was losing it; past his point of self control. Not that he’d ever had much to begin with. Whatever he gave, Chris would have to take. Baring his teeth and growling, Darren relentlessly chased his own release.

Orgasm began to rush up on Chris without warning - the moment he could actually feel Darren get impossibly harder and throb inside him. For a moment, he felt a desperate longing for Darren to lose the condom and mark his insides with his come. He swallowed shakily, body trembling and following Darren into release.

“Come inside me. Fill me up.” Chris whispered, unsure if it was too much but too far gone to care.

Darren choked at the words, strong thighs forcing himself in deep and grinding out his orgasm as Chris groaned and yelled beneath him. Chris’ ass throbbed and he felt utterly owned pinned beneath Darren. They both shuddered as Chris came - untouched and gasping - in thick ropes up to his chin, and Darren’s heavy balls emptied into the condom.

They both held the pose, bodies riding the high and unable to come down. It wasn’t until Chris’ legs trembled and fell to the sides of Darren’s thighs that Darren relaxed enough to slowly, carefully pull out. They both watched as the condom was slipped off and Chris stared at the thick load of come inside. He felt an unusual pride in having made Darren do all of that.

His sauciness dropped the second he looked up and caught Darren leering at him, still holding the loaded condom. He looked as if he had several ideas of what to do with its contents that Chris was absolutely not ready to know yet.

“I swear if you drop that on me or in any way dispose of it near me I will use the last of my strength to kill you.”

Darren looked caught out for just a second before he gave in to laughter, doubling over and wobbling the condom around dangerously. Chris made a face and took the condom from Darren himself, slinging it into the half-full trash bin next to the bed. When he looked back, Darren was still rolling about laughing and Chris couldn’t help joining him, giving up on trying to take the situation at all seriously anymore.

He hit his knuckles against Darren’s chest and Darren slapped at his bare ass. Chris tried to chide Darren for laughing so soon after his first time, and Darren expressed his deepest hurt that Chris wouldn’t let him play with the used condom. It was silly and boyish and the room smelled either amazing or a little disgusting.

They finally wriggled into a position of lying half on top of each other, giggling and holding hands.  As they fell into a happy quiet, Chris turned sleepy eyes onto Darren’s really rather beautiful profile.

“Mmmm?” Darren murmured to the question Chris hadn’t asked yet.

Chris blushed, despite having just been rather spectacularly deflowered.

“Will it be sore tomorrow? As in like…do I have to wait a long time before we can do it again?”

Darren turned his head fully, looking into Chris’ softened, vulnerable young face. This little nymph was basically asking if he could get his ass fucked again in the morning. Fucker.

He drew in a long suffering breath. “Mmm, yep, a bit sore. But then after awhile you start liking that you can still feel it. And once you get horny, it just makes you want it all the more.”

Chris smiled toothily at that. He settled comfortably, body relaxing and slipping steadily right into sleep. Darren felt like there should have been more talking, more questions, and the nagging worries of what do the morning after, etc., etc., etc.

But with Chris nestled under the crook of one arm, falling asleep so easily in Darren’s bed, he realised there was no need for any of the usual nonsense. Nothing about Chris was usual. And if Darren could manage to hold onto this boy, whose fame threatened to change him if he weren’t careful, then he wouldn’t ask a single question. He’d just be happy and grateful, and take whatever Chris would give.


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